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About Eutectics 
This blog was started in order to provide Genuine Article for readers including topic from various domains of Interest while concentrating more on blogging tips and tricks. We have tried our best to make our article easy to understand for even a newbie that he/she could make most out of it. The tutorials posted here are written in simplest English language you could possible imagine. Hope you like to read articles from this blog as it we enjoy making it.

About Authors 
Hello Friends, i am Tushar Sharma, the Administrator and Founder of this blog. When i started this blog back in Feb 2013,  i wasn't writing to gain viewer or earn money from it, i only started just to improve my writing skill on English language. I have never have thought that this blog would reach this place as it had now. Though this blog is not most popular among thousand of other blog but its quite Good. why i can say that because all the Articles on this blog is written by me, that actually give me kind of satisfaction, its really COOL. I would personally suggest you to create your own blog Start Writing. so All the Best

Updated : 15 June 2014