Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to make Portable application using Cameyo ?

Learn how to make any Windows application portable. Convert any .exe application into portable apps so can carry it any where without installing into host computer like in Internet Cafes.


what is portable application means ?
Portable application are application that can be carried in your pen drive or other storage devices to use in any Personal Computer without installing in it huh !
what's its uses then ..consider yourself  at your college or some internet café where installing application is not allowed and you are force to use older version of Internet Explorer ….it really sucks :(
and here my friends where such portable app come into picture ………….you can  make your favorite browser portable app like that of Mozilla Firefox as further discussed in this tutorial …and use in that PC without installing in it . with its full feature.
then how its done …..? it is done using Cameyo software which itself portable application
here your tutorial .

1: download this Cameyo software from  here

2: After downloading double click it to open it . it will show something like this

3: Now click Capture app it will ask you to install your app .and it will appear something like this.

it will take the initially snapshot of Operating system and after installation check for changes occurred . And using that changes Cameyo makes yours portable application

4: wait till it ask to install your required app, in this case Firefox.
cameyo gif

5: install your Firefox .
After installation click Install done
cameyo will create portable version of Firefox. simple..its done

you can also find number portable apps at their website here is the link.
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4 Discussion

  1. thank for all post
    but i want how to
    root android
    please help me

  2. Up till step 4 i followed exactly but step 5 isnt like that. Mine had to open the app through Cameyo and edit package (if i'm not wrong). Starts from that it becomes a headache.

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