Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why Wikipedia asking for donation?

Discussion on why Wikipedia does not show ads on their Website. Learn what Jimmy Whale( Founder of Wikipedia) have to say on that.

This was my first expression after review a request on Wikipedia page for donation, why its asking for It(money i mean). Then I look for any advertisement on the page …and of course I didn’t find bit of shock  for me though….because websites all over make web most make money from this Publishing ads that how Facebook makes most its 98billion dollar social giant…..
what does ,founder of this savior website for most of newbie internet user , Jimmy wales says to their people

why are we even concern about Wikipedia not making money through their website?
is because of their potential of making money online ….Wikipedia rank 6th on Alexa top site (1st Facebook, 2nd Google definitely) Baidu being 5th and Amazon 7th
Baidu and Amazon Earnings(source Wikipedia) here ranking is not on the basis of revenue it contains may factor for more info go to Alexa
Wikipedia could end up say minimum between 6 to 60 billion US Dollar (approx. 3253 crore rupees) wow …kicking that sum of money just you believe that knowledge is for sharing wow….
Jimmy you simply rock…
when I earn for myself , I will surely donate some money to this website (minimum 10 Rs Winking smile)
so what does you think of this beautiful website ……are their time that Wikipedia ever helped you at presentation or other different works , I am pretty confident it surely did Green with envy. So whenever you on this website doing less work to gain more output, do remember this that 150 employee managing 450 million pages.
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